Tully Arnot & Josh Harle

Tully Arnot & Josh Harle

 In Posthumous, Tully Arnot + Josh Harle expand upon the conversational nature of their collaborative practice within the virtual landscapes of the video game Arizona Sunshine. Co-opting the gaming environment, the avatars of the two creatives navigate an after-human world overrun by zombies. 

The two artists-as-avatars move through a series of dystopian environments, firing their weapons with virtual (disembodied) hands at the attacking barrage of undead. As they negotiate the enemy, they discuss the philosophical, ecological and technological concepts of post-humanism. Harle continues with his narrative on the social and political impacts of virtual spaces and our encounter with the real world through them. While Tully focuses on the tensions between the organic and digital spheres, commenting on the isolating effects consumer technologies have on human-to-human connectedness.

As the title suggests, avatars and zombies alike inevitably die only to arise again and again. Posthumous hints at the legacy of human species and the global effects that will continue to resonate after we are gone. Tully + Harle also pose the question: are we already posthuman, or at least beyond the point of no return.

Posthumous 2020

Virtual reality, performance lecture, with sound
Duration: 58 min loop