From hereon: Education Resource

From hereon: posthuman nonhuman antihuman

Education Resource

From hereon: posthuman, nonhuman, antihuman is an exhibition of creatives who explore our place within the contemporary world and the implication of the technologies that are rapidly transforming it. Using photography, moving image and imaging technologies they have produced innovative music videos, digital simulations and virtual reality to speculate on our existence in the near future.

This Education Resource offers the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of the unique and diverse practices of the group of creatives and their work presented in the exhibition. The resource consists of information on the each of the creatives, as well as activities and discussion ideas. This learning resource is appropriate for Secondary School age students (7-12).

This learning resource is closely aligned with the Australian Curriculum:
• The Arts: Media Arts and Visual Arts
• Humanities and Social Science: Geography, ATSI Histories, Society and Culture
• Sciences: Biology
• Technologies

Installation view of From hereon: posthuman nonhuman antihuman 2020. Image courtesy of the ACP and Bee Elton.

Maija Tammi,  Example 1 of a moderately quickly aging species 2020. Image courtesy of the artist