School Selfie Project

For teachers, parents and students - this free lesson plan aids in creating your own 'Selfie' project using any accessible mobile device. 

Modelled on the School Selfie mobile photography workshops delivered by ACP, this resource allows students to express and share their personal and school’s identity through an engagement with photography.

This learning resource is framed by the creative, technical and evaluative processes of photography. It is divided into modules and activities from concept to post-production, including lighting and composition.

Developed in association with SBS, this resource is aligned with the Australian Curriculum:

  • The Arts: Media Arts, Visual Arts
  • Humanities and Social Science: Information and Communication Technology; and Civic and Citizenship.

Download the resource here

See the School Selfie Project online gallery here.

Image: Elliot Erwitt, USA, New York City, 1946. © Elliott Erwitt/Magnum Photos