Matthew Ware | Really Don't Wanna Go To This Funeral


‘Looking through this book searching for inspiration on what to write about it, I’m rendered mute. It’s not because the images aren’t saying anything to me – they’re saying plenty. And it’s not as if they don’t remind me of anything – they remind me of everything. Matt’s combination of hijacked snapchats from other people with his own very personal and observant photography sort of sums up what it is to be alive these days; in which half the time you’re looking around and trying to take care of shit, and the other half you’re staring at your phone…’ 

Max Olijnyk, from the afterword to the book.


Published by M.33, 2018
Limited edition of 100
Text: Max Olijynk 
Design: Tim Coghlan
172 pages
205 x 145 mm
Soft cover