Pitching For The Front Page


This course runs at the same time once a week over two weeks


Pitching For The Front Page is for budding photojournalists looking to understand how to get their photographs and projects published.

Delivered by the Picture Editor of The Guardian Australia and working photojournalist Carly Earl, this course introduces students to the pitching process, provides a break-down of what works in a pitch, what doesn't and why.

Illustrated by slideshows demonstrating examples of work in the field, Pitching For The Front Page ends with portfolio review sessions intended to provide students with feedback on their projects specific to an editorial context.


Prerequisites and Requirements

  • Camera Craft 2, or relevant experience
  • Photojournalism, or relevant experience
  • Note book and pen
  • Students are required to bring a small portfolio (10-15 images) which showcases either one full set of images as part of a story, or a small range of images shot indicative of project ideas to be further developed into a series.  Please bring these images as .jpg's to the first session, we will print them as 5x7's and have them available for the second class.



ACP Workshop 
at Ted's World of Imaging
317 Pitt Street
Sydney NSW 2000

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Image courtesy of and © Nicole Lovelock