Lighting - Projects


This course runs at the same time every week over 10 weeks

Designed exclusively for previous participants in Introduction to Lighting, Lighting Projects allows participants to expand on the experience, knowledge and techniques learned by working on a specific, individual project they nominate in the first class. 

Each student will present their project concept as a written outline, rationale and with appropriate reference images and material

After each individual project is discussed in the initial two weeks and its potential and pitfalls assessed the class will then work co-operatively on two projects each week to assist that weeks nominated photographers to progress on the path towards a successful final outcome. 

The class will be limited to eight students to allow 2 shooting opportunities for each student: an initial proof of concept and ironing out the bugs session and then a final shoot to bring the idea fully to fruition.

No student will ‘own’ the class for the 10-week duration. Students will work collaboratively and support each other in pursuit of their goals. Assisting and watching how others approach a task and the cross-flow of creative concept development and finding solutions to technical problems can be very instructive and useful over the longer term.

For models, hair and make-up, wardrobe and styling the group will work co-operatively as well as establishing links with talent in these disciplines looking for portfolio pictures and who are willing to donate their time and skills.


Prerequisites and Requirements

  • Introduction to Lighting (this course is only being offered to past ACP Introduction to Lighting students)
  • Note book and pen
  • Covered shoes are compulsory
  • Bring your own DSLR or Mirrorless (MILC) camera (charged batteries and memory card). If you are unsure please search your camera brand and model for clarification



Lighting Studio
Building 1
National Art School
Forbes St & Burton St
Darlinghurst, NSW, 2010

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Image © Robert McRobbie, 2016.