Disappeared but remained 2011 - Exhibition

Woon-Gu KANG | Ki-Chan KIM | Gap-Chul LEE

Disappeared but Remained presents the work of three highly respected Korean photographers. Each demonstrates a deep understanding of the medium as a trace of a past - a past that has disappeared and yet remains as the individual’s living memories.

While many join the global trends, some Korean photographers have continued to pursue what they consider to be the essential characteristic of photography: the representation and preservation of reality. The photographers who joined this movement have focused on documenting disappearing moments, places or objects in the radical social change of South Korea’s rapid industrialisation and westernisation. The three photographers in this exhibition understand the power of photography to document and testify to fading moments. Preserved in their photographs, these traces from the layers of a national history also remain in the personal memory and collective consciousness of Koreans today. As such, they capture the profound personal connection that objects and images can open with the past.

Ms Young-Sook Song and Prof Bong-Lim Choi

Exhibition Details
ACP Gallery, 29 July – 27 August 2011

Ki-Chan Kim, After ten years, we met again at the gate of the house, Seoul, 1982

Exhibition Partners
This exhibition was created especially for ACP by The Museum of Photography, Seoul to mark the Year of Friendship between Australia and the Republic of Korea.