Conceptual / The Photography of Things


Redesigned for online delivery the ACP’s ever-popular The Photography of Things encourages students to test the boundaries of still life photography and to develop a unique and personal object-centred visual language. 

Through demonstrations and discussions students will explore, construct and develop still life images in found scenarios and in the home studio. Utilising daylight, flash and continuous light sources, this course builds on participants existing knowledge of light to playfully explore approaches to photographing unique and mundane objects.

Lectures will introduce participants to a variety of historical and contemporary images to help illustrate a variety of approaches, compositions and styles. 

The Photography of Things is delivered at the same time on the same day over three weeks with a maximum class size of eight participants.


Prerequisites and Requirements

  • Lighting Design at Home | Objects or equivalent experience
  • Your own DSLR or Mirrorless (MILC) camera (charged batteries and memory card). If you are unsure please search your camera brand and model for clarification.
  • A solid understanding of the functions of your camera and the ability to import them onto your computer for viewing.
  • A home studio - window light, table, variety of fabrics, large coloured paper sheets for backgrounds.
  • Diffuser and off-camera flash / movable light source
  • Tripod
  • Variety of interesting objects for still-life single images
  • Minimum six similar objects to photograph in order to build a series of images
  • Note book and pen
  • Zoom installed on your computer - you do not need a paid account
  • Computer with stable internet connection, working webcam and microphone


Image courtesy and © ACP Student Joyce Lubotzky.