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27.07.18 – 15.09.18 Exhibition: Oceans from here

27 July ­– 15 September 2018
Tuesday – Friday 10 am to 5 pm
Saturday 11am to 4pm
Closed Public Holidays

ACP Project Space Gallery
72 Oxford Street
Darlinghurst NSW 2010


In the future, the 21st century may well be considered as an age preoccupied with the fragile connection between the human species and environment. The element of water is a force that defines planetary geography, etching the landscape and defining the continents. Water moves through disparate sectors of the globe as precipitation – mist, rain, sleet and snow.

It is also the main component of the human body. Our originating cells are nurtured in amniotic fluid. Our core functions depend on bodily fluids, to circulate the essential nutrients and remove toxic wastes. Nature and the oceans’ tides are affected by the moon’s control over planetary fluids. As are our emotions and physicality. Water flows from the environment into the body and vice versa.

Oceans from here features work from Australian artists Chris Bennie, Dean Cross, Julia Davis, Prue Stent + Honey Long, and Kai Wasikowski. This selection of artists explores the aesthetics of water, its ebb and flow as a global life force. Kai Wasikowski documents the ice of melting glaciers of New Zealand. Julia Davis’ aerial views of tidal movements create mesmerising patterns on coastal sands. Dean Cross reconstructs of his parent’s romance and the role the ocean played in bring them together.  Wrapped in shades of pink, Prue Stent + Honey Long present the body’s feminine energy and fecundity, while Chris Bennie’s visualises the counterpoise of euphoria and depression in the movement of his body.



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Honey Long & Prue Stent, 'Venus Milk', 2015. Courtesy and © the artists.