06.04.19 Tour: Photographic Forage


Saturday 6 April
2.00pm – 5.00pm

ACP Office
Suite 5A, 66 Oxford Street
Darlinghurst, NSW 2010


Humans have used common weeds that inhabit our cities for their edible and medicinal properties for thousands of years. To celebrate our exhibition Plant + Human, the ACP has planned a photographic feast for the eyes.

Led by artist and creator of Wild Stories, Diego Bonetto and exhibiting artist Steven Cavanagh, Photographic Forage will guide participants to discover the little 'wild' treasures of Darlinghurst popping-up from cracks in the pavements and bursting out of walls.

Sharing ancient stories of co-habitation and co-evolution, Diego will teach participants how to identify these overlooked plants, while Steven offers instruction on how to capture their distinguishing features in interesting and creative ways.

Each participant will be issued with a booklet detailing sixteen of the most common edible weeds of Sydney, with full-page images and an Instagram feed full of the best kind-of weeds!


Who can take part?

This is a family, wheelchair and pet friendly stroll along the alleyways of Darlinghurst.

What to bring?

Bring your camera or smart phone, notebook and pen and dress for the weather including comfortable shoes, sunscreen and a hat.


About Diego Bonetto & Wild Stories – @theweedyone

Diego is an artist, environmental educator and edible weeds advocate based in Sydney, most famous for his offering of urban foraging workshops.

Building on the knowledge acquired while growing up on a farm in Italy, Diego introduces people to the ever-present food and medicinal plants that surround us.

He collaborates extensively with chefs, herbalists, environmentalists and cultural workers promoting new understanding of what the environment has to offer.

You see a weed, Diego sees food.

Under the banner of Wild Stories, Diego has been working with councils and institutions to provide content for community engagement projects.

Diego is now collaborating with a cluster of programmers and web producers to create WildFoodMap. WildFoodMap is a Google mapping overlay facilitating a community-driven wild plant location and identification.

The project has received a substantial amount of media including a Gardening Australia appearance, articles on Marie Claire, GQ Australia, SMH, and segments on ABC and SBS.

About Steven Cavanagh

Steven Cavanagh has been a photographer for ten years. With a background in Fine Arts, he studied at the National Arts School (NAS) completing a Master of Fine Arts majoring in photography.

As a photographer, light, the world and the relation to it inspire him. His work sits outside any one photographic genre, referencing the surface of reality and representation, whilst also sitting firmly and knowingly within the psychological space of contemporary art.

His images investigate the physical and psychological landscape of masculine identity. He has exhibited nationally and is currently in the midst of a residency at Hill End.



Image: Courtesy of Wild Stories and © Aimee Crouch.