22.04.17 Phone-agraphs: Surveillance

Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre has once again invited ACP to deliver our Phone-agraph workshops. This time we will be exploring photography’s relationship to surveillance.

Participants will learn to consider light, colour and patterns whilst completing a series of tasks that question our use and dependence on data and technology to monitor and manipulate behaviour.

Bring your mobile phone and join experienced photographer and educator Michael Waite to uncover 'who’s watching who' in these hands-on workshops.



Session 1 | Apps and Apprehension

Saturday 22 April

Discover the best mobile apps to create high quality images and learn to consider light, patterns, negative space and colour when framing your subject. Participants will uncover how our mobile devices monitor and record behaviours whilst creating images exploring copyright, GPS and digital zoom. You will also be asked to complete a brief assignment on privacy, the results of which will be discussed in the following session.


Session 2 | Privacy and Editing

Saturday 29 April

The final session will discuss privacy and teach participants about editing and selecting your work. Gain insight into what is considered interesting and well exposed and composed. Participants will review the results from the last session’s assignment and create images from existing photographs available online or in public space.


Prerequisites and Requirements

  • Mobile Phone with camera (full charged battery)
  • Basic computer skills in content creation/manipulation.



Casual Powerhouse Arts Centre
1 Powerhouse Road
Casula, NSW 2170


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Image courtesy and © Michael Waite, 2016.