Mural Printing
Mural Printing Mural Printing Mural Printing


Working with experienced ACP darkroom tutor Michael Waite, participants will work collaboratively to explore mural printing*. Experimenting with scale, you will work as a team to produce details of your own negatives to explore film grain and abstraction.

Working with a single mural enlarger, this hands-on workshop will have participants collaborating and assisting one another with the printing and processing. Everyone will have the chance to make their own prints, whilst testing and learning from each others experiments

All paper and chemicals supplied

Prerequisites & Requirements

  •  Black & White processed negatives 35mm or medium format
  •  No previous experience required

* mural printing is using a horizontally mounted enlarger to project the image onto a wall, and photographic paper that comes in rolls, which allows us to make larger prints than are usually possible with vertical bench-mounted enlargers.  


Building 1
National Art School
Forbes St & Burton St





Image courtesy and © Michael Waite, 2015.