Women of Woollahra 2017 - Exhibition


Women of Woollahra aims to empower women to reflect, construct and present their own experiences and stories.

The photographs featured in this exhibition have emerged from an Australian Centre for Photography workshop where participants worked alongside photographic artist Laura Moore to look beyond the ‘selfie’ and learn techniques to assist in creating meaning and conveying artistic vision.


Over one million self-portraits are shared in the form of ‘selfies’ around the world every day, with world-leaders and celebrities leading the charge into what is now being described as the ‘Age of the Selfie’.

The relationship between photography and self-portraiture can be traced to as early as 1839 to what is believed to be the first ‘selfie’ by amateur chemist and photographer, Robert Cornelius. Since then the photographic self-portrait has been used to address a multitude of ideas and issues including identity, sexuality and documentation. A product of the interests and political aspirations of its time the photographic self-portrait has been further transformed by the smart phones front-facing camera and advent of social media.

According to a recent study, two-thirds of Australian women between the ages of 18-35 take selfies with millennials spending up to an hour a week photographing and re-photographing themselves. Whilst today’s self-portrait can be used for instant communication and self-promotion, the artistic practice of self-portraiture continues.

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2017, the Australian Centre for Photography - in partnership with Woollahra Council - ran a workshop inviting women to work with photographic artist Laura Moore to look beyond the ‘selfie’. Drawing inspiration from Australian and International female photographic artists, with a strong practice in self-portraiture, participants learnt techniques to assist in creating meaning and conveying artistic vision.

This exhibition features a selection of photographs that have emerged from the workshop and aims to empower women through photography to reflect, construct and share their own experiences and stories, deciding the ways in which they want to present themselves.

Exhibition Details
Woollahra Library, Double Bay, 3 March – 11 March 2017

About Laura Moore
Laura Moore is a Sydney-based artist and teacher at the Australian Centre for Photography. Working mostly with self-portraiture, her work examines the nature of photography itself, experimenting with the capacity of the photographic portrait to represent complex meanings about identity and human relationships. Often inspired and informed by her everyday life, observations and memory, Moore's work can hold very personal content. Yet ultimately the work expands beyond its autobiographical nature through actively inviting speculation and projection. 

Courtesy and © Sue Wright, 2017

Exhibition Partners
ACP is pleased to partner with Woollahra Council to celebrate International Women's Day 2017.