One Day, One Light


This is a full-day workshop



Australian Centre for Photography
Suite 5A, 66 Oxford St
Darlinghurst, NSW, 2010

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Love taking photographs? Want to expand your capabilities? Thinking about buying an on-camera flash, or perhaps getting some studio lights, or buying even more lights because the ones you already have don’t seem to produce the results you want?

So many questions.

Going back to basics and discovering, or rediscovering, the creative power of just one light can open up a whole new world of expression.

In this one-day workshop ACP tutor Geoff McGeachin shows how to understand and exploit the potential of a single light source - be it the sun, a simple speed light or a single studio flash head - to produce stunning images.

Setting himself an upper limit of $500 for any of the lighting set-ups demonstrated (and most cost a lot less) Geoff’s workshop aims to show that spending a lot of money isn’t always the best pathway to finding a solution to your photographic lighting problems or expanding your creativity.

Prerequisites and Requirements

  • Camera Craft 2, or relevant experience
  • Note book and pen
  • Covered shoes are compulsory
  • Bring your own DSLR or Mirrorless (MILC) camera (charged batteries and memory card). If you are unsure please search your camera brand and model for clarification



Image © Sonja Cenic, 2015.