Introduction to Digital Content
Introduction to Digital Content Introduction to Digital Content


This course is run over one weekend



Courtesy of the Artist Loft
Level 4, The Strand, 412-414 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000

(Venue accessible vis Pitt Street lift entrance)



In the digital age multimedia content creation is key and the ability to produce rich, shareable and story-driven content is fast becoming a requirement for professional photographers and content producers.

Presented in partnership with Courtesy of the Artist, this weekend intensive course will examine professional approaches to story-driven content through photography, video and moving image. With an overview of the digital content landscape and how it has changed over the past decade, participants will explore current trends and approaches to digital content.

Partnered with artists represented by Courtesy of the Artist, students will develop a sharable piece of story-driven content that focuses on the artists' individual practices, what drives their work and what makes it unique.

Introduction to Digital Content is designed to incorporate the use of mobile devices as well as DSLR cameras. It is suitable to photographers, videographers, editors, bloggers, vloggers and anyone who wants to learn more about digital content creation and publishing.

Prerequisites and Requirements

  • Camera Craft 2, or relevant experience
  • Note book and pen
  • Basic knowledge of editing software Adobe Lightroom or equivalent for photography, Adobe Premiere, Apple iMovie or equivalent for video.
  • Bring your own laptop, DSLR or Mirrorless (MILC) camera or camera phone.
  • If available please bring tripod, gimbals, mic or camera rigs


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Images courtesy of and © Cesar Cueva.