Introduction to Digital Content
Introduction to Digital Content Introduction to Digital Content


This course is run over one weekend



ACP Workshop 
at Ted's World of Imaging
317 Pitt Street
Sydney NSW 2000

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With the rise of social media and the switch to digital, content creation has become key. More and more in the professional world the knowledge of both photography and film has become essential. While quick turn around on jobs is a must. Understanding of platforms, outputs and trends has become embedded in establishing and maintaining your career.

The weekend intensive course will look at professional approaches to story-led content through photography and film. Giving an overview of the digital content landscape and how it has changed over the past decade, participants will discuss current trends and approaches to digital content.

The course is designed to incorporate the use of mobile devices as well as DSLR cameras. It is suitable to photographers, videographers, editors, bloggers, vloggers and anyone who wants to learn more about digital content creation and publishing.

Students will work in small groups to create a sharable piece of story-led content over the weekend, focusing on a pre-determined set of stories from local business.

Prerequisites and Requirements

  • Camera Craft 2, or relevant experience
  • Note book and pen
  • Knowledge of editing software Lightroom or equivalent for photography, Premiere, iMovie or equivalent for film.
  • Bring your own laptop, DSLR or Mirrorless (MILC) camera and camera phone.
  • If available please bring tripod, gimbals, mic or camera rigs



Images courtesy and © Victor Frankowski.