Beginners Summer Intensive Program


Designed for beginners, this week-long intensive sets up participants to kick-off the year with a strong foundation in digital photography.

Over five days the ACP's experienced tutors will deliver our Camera Craft 1 & 2 Intensives alongside our One Day, One Light workshop to provide participants with the skills and techniques required to develop their own visual language and explore our intermediate and advanced offerings for 2019.

By booking into our Beginners Summer Intensive Program participants save up to 30%.


Thursday & Friday 16-17 January 2020 from 10am - 4pm

Camera Craft 1 Intensive with Fiona Wolf-Symeonides

Designed to help you get the most out of your DSLR or Compact-System camera, Camera Craft 1 will help develop your creativity while teaching you how to use your camera in full manual mode.  

Learn about the fundamental creative principles of photography and how these principles relate to your camera's functions in a series of informative lectures to develop your understanding of exposure, subject and composition..

This course is for those wishing to build a solid foundation in photography or who plan to continue developing their photographic skills at ACP. 


Saturday & Sunday 18-19 January 2020 from 10am - 4pm

Camera Craft 2 Intensive with Steven Cavanagh

Camera Craft 2 is about aesthetics and the technical aspects of light and exposure and is designed for people who would like to develop their own unique style. 

You will learn how light, colour, composition and approach will impact on the way your images are made and read by the viewer.

This course is for those looking to continue their instruction in photography and develop their 'eye'.


Monday 20 January 2020 from 10am - 4pm

One Day, One Light with Tim Wheeler

Learn how to understand and exploit the potential of a single light source - be it the sun, a simple speed light or a single studio flash head - to produce stunning images.

This program runs over five consecutive days with a maximum class size of 8 participants.

Program Prerequisites and Requirements

  • This course requires no previous experience.
  • Bring your own DSLR or Mirrorless (MILC) camera (charged batteries and memory card). If you are unsure please search your camera brand and model for clarification.
  • Camera manual (download from the internet if necessary)
  • Note book and pen
  • Please review our FAQ for terms and conditions of enrolment.

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Image courtesy of and © ACP student David Rigby, 2019.