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Photo Faction: Stories in words and images

Throughout Term 2 and 3 of this year, we'll be partnering once again with the wonderful Sydney Story Factory to deliver a series of school workshops.

Photo Faction is a creative way for students to engage with the positive and negative elements of living in the image-rich age of Facebook, instagram and snapchat by exploring the relationship between images and text.

Students will have the opportunity to work with educators from the Australian Centre for Photography to create a series of images that combine to tell a story. As part of this process students will become familiar with visual storytelling and technical aspects of photography. Images created by students will be shared with students from other schools involved in the project and be used as the starting point for written stories.

The writing workshops will be created and led by educators from the Sydney Story Factory and will focus on students’ interpretation of the stories presented in the images. In both the visual and written elements of the project students will be encouraged to engage with the idea that images, and the stories told through images, can be interpreted in various ways and used for various purposes. 

Images and stories will be published and featured on the University of Sydney’s high school student facing website ASTAR.TV and exhibited as part of Parramasala Festival 2018.



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This project is a HEPPP funded initiative of Widening Participation and Outreach, The University of Sydney


Image of installation from 'See My Story' Project, 2015.