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Cinemagraphs brings your photographs to life. A mix of video and photography - the cinemagraph (also known as motion photography) moves beyond a still moment in time, bringing to life a feeling or a breath into an image. Differing from animation and gifs the cinemagraph draws upon the cinematic qualities of film to demand the viewers attention, whilst maintaining the stillness of traditional photography.

Used successfully by the fashion industry for its ability to capture the audience's attention and imagination, the cinemagraph was popularised by New York photographers Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck in 2011. This young art form presents new opportunities for artists, and with few practitioners currently working within this field the possibilities are exciting. 

In 2014 Saatchi Gallery and Google + joined forces to create the Motion Photography Prize. Innovative artists embracing this new trend created a number of eye-catching entries and explored new ways of story-telling. The judges included film director Baz Luhrmann, artists Shezad Dawood, Tracey Emin and Cindy Sherman, and Saatchi Gallery CEO Nigel Hurst.

To help navigate this trend and the possibilities it presents is fashion photographer Christian Blanchard. Partake in a live photo-shoot with the aim of creating the right images to use in your own cinemagraphs. We are running a brand new course over a weekend with the hopes of doing more and more within this innovative field.



1.Cinemagraph™ © 2011-2012 Jamie Beck & Kevin Burg

2. Courtesy and © Christian Blanchard, 2014.

3. Courtesy and © Micael Reynaud, 2014. Winner of Motion Photography Prize, Action Category.

4. Cinemagraph™ © 2011-2012 Jamie Beck & Kevin Burg