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Photo of the Week: Yvonne Todd

Photo of the Week - 27.03.15
By Belinda Hungerford


Something pretty great is happening over the pond - if New Zealand photographer Yvonne Todd's work is any indication. At once slick, kitsch, funny and just a little bit unsettling, Todd's work hat-tips the photographer's commercial training and past, with its 'Vaseline on the lens' treatments and product-shot lighting.

Shooting on transparency film, using a 4 x5 camera, Todd mimics the style of 1970s and '80s studio photography (replete with water droplets and lens-flares). Any post-production, though, serves to greater amplify minor imperfections in the images (not diminish them, as is customary in post-production), ramping up the oddness and complementing Todd's grotesque props and costumes. 

While it's tempting to place Todd's photographs in the same box as pop cultural fare such as Dynasty and Flowers in the Attic, there is still a whiff of high art in the air, with many of her works referencing the Surrealism of say, De Chirico, or Man Ray.

See more of Yvonne Todd's weird and wonderful work here.


Image: Pipe Study c-type print, 158 x 121 cm, edition of 3 + 1 ap.

Source: ervon.com