Worldwide pinhole day 2015

Need an excuse to get back in the darkroom? Want to discover the joys of pinhole photography or introduce your kids to the magic of this simple photographic practice? Why don't you come celebrate Worldwide Pinhole Day! This international event has been created to promote and celebrate the art of pinhole photography. On Sunday April 26 people all over the world are encouraged to create and upload images made with home-made or store-bought pinhole cameras.

Pinhole cameras can be made out of anything. From a matchbox to a caravan, all this simple camera needs is light sensitive paper and a light-proof box with a small pinhole to create an image.The long exposure times required due to the small aperture allows for the often eerie capture of time-passing. The large depth of field also offers photographers wonderful detail throughout their works. By freeing yourself of the many and often overwhelming creative controls of digital photography you are able to explore photography's connection with time and your connection to these historical practices.

To help you uncover the magic of pinhole photography we have scheduled two special workshops:

Kids Pinhole Photography

Friday 10 April | 10.30am - 12.30pm

A fun two-hour demonstration about Pinhole photography. Children will be introduced to the basic principles of photography by using a pinhole camera to create their own images.


Pinhole Photography Workshop

Friday 18 April | 10am - 4pm

Explore the basic principles of photography by spending a day making photographs with simple pinhole cameras.



Image 1 & 2: From Kids Pinhole Photography workshop © Michael Waite, 2014. Image 3: Image courtesy and © Benjamin Stone-Herbert, 2014. Image 4: Image courtesy and © Michael Waite, 2014. Michael WaitePinhole Benjamin Stone-Herbert Michael Waite.