Photo of the Week: Warwick Thornton

Photo of the Week - 24.07.15

Film-maker Warwick Thornton opened a new exhibition, The Future is Unforgiving, at the Anna Schwartz Gallery in Melbourne this week. Thornton's latest photographic works bring the prevalence of preventable diseases and health issues amongst indigenous children into focus with his series of diptychs. The photographs show children wearing suicide vests constructed from cans of Coke, McDonald's wrappings and VB cans alongside blurred images of children holding traditional weapons.


For more information on the exhibition and its themes check out The Guardian's 'Warwick Thornton on his images of Indigenous children in 'fast-food suicide vests'' 


The Future is Unforgiving is on at the Anna Schwartz Gallery, Melbourne until 22 August.


Image: © Warwick Thornton. Courtesy Anna Schwartz Gallery, Melbourne.