Photo of the Week: Vivian Maier

Photo of the Week - 16.01.15


Surrounded in mystery, the life and work of Vivian Maier continues to prompt curiosity from viewers, photographers, critics and writers since the discovery of over 100,000 negatives and 300 prints in 2007. Contained within were a series of self-portraits.

Playing with reflection and shadow, Maier both reveals and conceals herself within these self-portraits. Her presence a powerful figure looming mysteriously over her intriguing subject. Or was there a more practical motivation? Casting a shadow to ensure a well exposed image perhaps. Even so the image draws the viewer in as they question who really is the subject.

To learn more about Vivian Maier please join us for a special screening of Oscar nominated documentary Finding Vivian Maier on Sunday 8 March in celebration of International Women's Day.


Image: © Vivian Maier, Self-Portrait, 1954. Source: