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The (re)Generation Project



Macquarie University is running a research project called ‘The (re)Generation Project’, supported by the NSW Environment Trust, and has just launched a new program exploring the power of stories in inspiring a new generation of young people to visit and value nature. 

‘The (re)Generation Project’ is addressing the growing disconnect of urbanised young people from the natural environment and putting power into the hands of the young to regenerate this interest and care for the environment. We are inviting 15-25 year olds to share their stories about the people and places that keep them connected through any medium such as film, photography, art or writing. Personal connections with nature are powerful. They are essential to our health and mental well being, and they encourage ties with the earth that we depend on.

The ten best story ideas will be given editorial and production training including digital storytelling workshops and a mentor to help them craft it into a powerful and impacting digital story. They will then have the opportunity to participate in a premier event and online campaign, to share it with other NSW youth.

Your students will build valuable skills and networks, share their work (and represent their school), win prizes, and have a lot of fun in an opportunity to create a positive change for our planet.

More information about the project here: research.science.mq.edu.au/theregenerationproject and facebook.com/theregeneration.inspirenature


Applicants: 15-25 years old 

Deadline: 6 September 2015

To apply online visit http://bit.ly/1P7KvhG