Sydney Culture Network officially launched October 2017
ACP is delighted to be a Founding Member of Sydney Culture Network

UNSW, led by Professor and Dean Ross Harley and supported by Futurecity, have developed an ambitious programme to connect 27 cultural organisations in Sydney under one network.

Sydney Culture Network provides a vital contribution to the estimated $8.3 billion that cultural and heritage visitors generate for the NSW economy.

The idea behind Sydney Culture Network is to establish a consortium that will enable Sydney's Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums to connect with the best of education, business and technology in the city.

As one of the first times in the world that such a group of arts organisations, cultural institutions and academics are coming to work together, Sydney Culture Network is all about creating the conditions for a new collaborative ecology. The initiative aims to build on Sydney’s great cultural institutions, diversity, business and technology networks, and the state’s dynamic research, higher education and innovation sectors.