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Photo of the Week: Stephen Shore

Photo of the Week - 21.11.14
By Belinda Hungerford


Stephen Shore is a photography prodigy. He taught himself how to expose and print photographs between the ages of six and ten. At fourteen Edward Steichen, the photography curator at New York’s Museum of Modern Art, purchased three of his photographs for the collection. A few years later he was hanging out with Andy Warhol and photographing the Factory. At twenty-three, Shore became the first living photographer to have a solo show at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, since Alfred Stieglitz, four decades earlier. Shore was a pioneer of colour photography in the 1970s. In 1972 he set off on road trips across America photographing the American landscape and scenes of American everyday life. The use of colour was extremely important in capturing these vernacular ‘snapshots’.


Image: Stephen Shore, U.S. 10, Post Falls, Idaho, 1974. Courtesy and © the artist.

Source: http://stephenshore.net