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SBS & ACP School Selfie Project

ACP and SBS are on the road! 

Starting at Bourke High School and rolling on to Murray High School (Albury), Longreach State High School and Hunter River High School over the next two weeks, ACP tutors Benjamin Stone-Herbert and Marco Bok are in full flight with SBS and ACP's School Selfie Project. 

Emerging artist Benjamin-Stone Herbert lead the first successful photography workshop today to 20 students from Bourke High, teaching students about composition, light and point of view using mobile devices. A keen group of budding photographers learnt to hone their eye and make creative and skilled photographs to produce a series of six images that visually represent what makes their school unique.

Images have begun to be shared on Instagram via #bourkeschoolselfie and will feature in an online gallery on the SBS Learn site.

Marco Bok has been putting his keen and talented eye to the task of building a body of work to depict Bourke's unique school, staff and students. The students' photographs (taken during the workshops) and Marco Bok's photographs will be displayed in a public exhibition at ACP in November 2015.


Project partner


SBS Learn is part of SBS Content Outreach agenda fostering partnerships with organisations including Government, NGOs and public institutions with the aim of increasing the impact and public value of SBS content. This is achieved through the creation of multiplatform content that that stimulates informal learning and provides more opportunity for either a mainstream or niche audience, such as schools, to engage with our content, Key SBS Outreach projects to date include: Go Back to where you came from School Packs, The Heart of Punchbowl Photographic Exhibition, First Contact Learning Resources.



Images left to right and top to bottom:

Image 1 courtesy and © @anthonymarrett, 2015.

Image 2 courtesy and © @anthonymarrett, 2015.

Image 3 courtesy and © @anthonymarrett, 2015.

Image 4 courtesy and © @molly2308, 2015.