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Photo of the Week: Sally McInerney

Photo of the Week - 2.10.15
By Belinda Hungerford

Photo of the Week comes from an exhibition that recently opened at Janet Clayton Gallery in Paddington, Sydney. Curated by Sandy Edwards it features documentary photographs of Nauru by Sally McInerney. One of things that struck me the most while wandering through the show was the prevalence of gorgeous pastel colours. Not just on the exterior of buildings but in the natural environment too. 

The images in the exhibition are of a Nauru we don’t often get to hear about. It is about the everyday life of Nauruans, nothing more, nothing less. And I mean that it the best possible way. When media coverage strongly focuses on one aspect we can forget that this is a home for a proud nation of people. People just living their lives.

Trent Dabwido, Community Leader for the Nauru QLD Community, opened the exhibition and spoke eloquently about Nauru. Listening to Trent speak, it was clear just how proud and pleased he was as a Nauruan to see the country he knows depicted, rather than just what makes a good news story.

Nauru Diary: Impressions of an Island by Sally McInerney runs until 11 October 2015.



Image: Sally McInerney, Chinese Restaurant, Joyful, Nauru, 2014. © Sally McInerney and courtesy the artist, Sandy Edwards and Janet Clayton Gallery.