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RMIT University launches Australia’s first Master of Photography program

In a first for an Australian university, RMIT University’s School of Art has launched a dedicated Master of Photography program.  Designed to meet the needs of professional photographers, artists and creative industry professionals, the program is designed to advance conceptual and creative skills through a rigorous program of coursework, supervision and peer support.

The role of the photographer within the arts and creative industries is evolving, particularly in relation to imaging technologies and emerging media devices, their impact on society and use in photography.  RMIT is a leading Australian university with a long and outstanding history of critically engaging with photography, and has the knowledge, staff, facilities and international network to provide a dynamic environment to guide and support students in realising their creative ambitions. 

Associate Dean of Photography, Dr Shane Hulbert, drew on the expertise of a global photographic community to establish the program.  Commenting on the philosophy of the program, he notes that ‘photography has always been connected to the most progressive forms of technology at the time, whether optics, chemistry, electronics or computers. We live in an age where rapid change is the norm, and being able to interrogate this as it unfolds is how photographers can be a big part of this change’.

Led by award winning photographer and artist Bronek Kozka, the program centralises the practical application of photography as a form of reflection and expression, prioritising the development of an autonomous practice, with expert judgement in the analysis and application of photographic theories, along with traditional and innovative technologies.

Graduates will be prepared for a career in photography as flexible, expert practitioners and scholars who are able to provide insight and leadership to research, produce and transmit photographic images and knowledge to a globalised media economy.


For further information please contact Bronek – bronek.kozka@rmit.edu.au


Image credit: Bronek Kozka Sunshine House 2008