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Photo of the Week: Richard Prince

Photo of the Week - 10.04.15
By Lola Pinder


Richard Prince, darling of the Postmodern art scene of the 1980s and '90s, works in a number of mediums, including photography, painting and drawing. Throughout his work, Prince wryly presents aspects of American life and the people who live it... often leaning on the cliched and nostalgic kind of imagery found in advertising (best evidenced in his photographic series, Gangs, Girlfriends and the famous Cowboys). The series Upstate, however, sees Prince take a quieter, more sincere, approach to his non-human subjects. The series was a response to Prince having relocated to update New York, where he was struck by the banal beauty of his surroundings. 

He says of the series: "Again, I was just using what was around me. I noticed certain repetitive elements in the neighborhood up here—basketball hoops, tire planters, tree-houses. But I'm not sure if I would refer to myself as a photographer. I'm certainly not a real one. I make a lot of mistakes. I use indoor film outdoors. I don't spend time in the darkroom. I'm still playing with the camera."


Image: Untitled (Upstate), 1995-99. 

Source: The Redlist.