The use of the photograph as a catalyst for change has been adopted by photojournalist and artists alike. Each with a distinct purpose, position and perspective, the image offers its maker an opportunity to create their truth and convey that to audiences.

Today, the photograph is in the hands of both citizen journalists and prosumers. As the most ubiquitous and democratised form of sharing immediate information, artists and photojournalists continue to seek new avenues and platforms to challenge traditional media and offer alternative views to mainstream agendas.

On Saturday 16th of June 2018, journalist Alex McKinnon, led a panel to discuss the practice of artist Peter Drew and photojournalist Glenn Lockitch, exploring photography’s role in social change and where the independent image-maker sits in today’s digital and political landscape.

About the speakers

Alex McKinnon
Alex McKinnon is a Walkley-nominated journalist and writer, a former editor of Junkee and the Star Observer, and the new morning editor of Schwartz Media's The Briefing.

Peter Drew
Peter Drew is a printmaker, street artist and filmmaker. He lives and works in Adelaide. After studying philosophy, psychology and art history at the University of Adelaide, he completed a Master’s degree at the Glasgow School of Art. Drew’s public art, although posted anonymously, has gained him notoriety. He was the winner of the 2016 Governor’s Multicultural Award and a finalist for Australian of the Year, 2016. His prints are held in state and national cultural collections, including Art Gallery of South Australia, the National Gallery of Australia and The Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences. The most prominent display of his work can be seen on city streets and rural areas across Australia.

Glenn Lockitch
Glenn Lockitch is an award-winning independent human rights and environmental photojournalist. He has been photographing in Australia and overseas for the past 25 years, and has been widely published and exhibited. Glenn has photographed, documented and strategised for numerous non-government organisations worldwide and co-produced photographic shows. Glenn recently was one of five judges on the 2016 Nikon-Walkley Awards panel of judges.