Photostart: Opening Night - Term 3 2015

On Thursday 22 October we opened our next instalment of pop-up student show Photostart featuring selected works from our Term 3 2015 students. It was a great crowd the works looked fantastic (we have very talented students). From darkroom practice to mobile phone photography, this student show had displayed the outcomes of a host of new courses and workshops including The Nude, Sartorial Snaps, The Art of the Mobile and Play with Perspective.

Officially opened by ACP Interim Director, Catherine Baldwin, prizes were awarded by ACP tutor, Steven Cavanagh. As always a huge thanks to the generous support of the wonderful team from C.R. Kennedy who provide ACP with ILFORD's exhibition quality paper for our students shows, and to 4 Pines who always make sure we are refreshed with their delicious range of beverages.

Congratulations to all the evening's prizes winners and thanks to all our students for continuing to create amazing works, that we simply love seeing!

See you all again for our next Photostart on Thursday 3 December 2015.


First Prize: Koji Makino | Fine Art: Black & White

Second Prize: Joyce Lubotzky | The Art of the Mobile

Highly Commended: Neil Hendry | Camera Craft 2

Staff Pick: Kiersten Segura | Camera Craft 2

Honourable Mention: Karen Withers | Camera Craft 2

Honourable Mention: Liam Skeggs | Camera Craft for Youth




Image 1: Opening Photostart: Term 3 2015 © Michael Waite, 2015. 

Image 2: Opening Photostart: Term 3 2015 © Michael Waite, 2015. 

Image 3: Opening Photostart: Term 3 2015 © Michael Waite, 2015. 

Image 4: Image of First Prize winner Koji Makino's work.

Image 5: © Joyce Lubotzky, 2015.

Image 6: © Neil Hendry, 2015.

Image 7: © Kiersten Segura, 2015.

Image 8: © Karen Withers, 2015.

Image 9: © Liam Skeggs, 2015.