Photogenic Drawing: Justine Varga - Teaching & Learning Resource

Camera-less photography requires the artist to work with the raw materials of photographic film and light. Rather than mediating the process of image-making through a camera, this analogue practice allows the artist to investigate and mark the fabric of a photographic image through a chemical process.

Justine Varga’s photogenic test strips are the culmination of the many years spent honing her expertise in photography. In her installations, the artist uses these strips as elements in a kind of drawing practice. Layering the test strips over an otherwise blank surface, Varga creates a textured sculptural experience, inviting the viewer to join her in an interrogation of the photographic process.

This learning resource is closely aligned with the Australian Curriculum:

  • The Arts: Media Arts, Visual Arts
  • Science: Chemistry

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Image: Justine Varga, Photogenic drawing, 2017. Courtesy and © Michael Waite / ACP, 2017.