In August ACP teamed up with Casula Powerhouse Art Centre (CPAC) to run three exciting new workshops at Casula and Liverpool. Exploring architecture and space in conjunction with CPAC’s Solid State exhibition, ACP’s Phone-agraphs workshops highlight the creative possibilities of mobile phone photography.

Led by experienced Street Photographer and popular Instagrammer Markus Andersen (@markusxandersen) the workshops ran over three Saturdays and focused on the use of repetition, composition and space in photographs to help participants see the extraordinary in the everyday.

Markus shared his insight into the best apps for shooting and editing on smart phones and had participants shoot CPAC’s incredible building and grounds, in addition to a session on the streets of Liverpool. Participants uploaded selected images to Instagram throughout the workshops using #cpacphoneagraphs. In the final workshop participants reviewed and discussed their images, developing an understanding for what worked and what didn’t. A selection of images from these workshops and quotes from participants can be viewed below.

"I throughly enjoyed the classes and found the workshops instructive and creative.
Markus encouraged us to look through fresh eyes which allowed us to create high quality images. Most of all it was fun!"
"It far exceeded my expectations in that I was only hoping to be able to make better use of the camera in my mobile phone and Ipad. Even though I was unable to attend the last session I thoroughly enjoyed the first two. This was mostly due to Marcus and the creative insight he gave us to improve the composition and taking of our photos. He also has plenty of patience and a natural ability to share his knowledge with others."
"I really enjoyed the workshop and learnt some new things! Markus was very knowledgable and very helpful. I would recommend it and I'd be interested in any others you might run in the future."

A huge thanks to the team at CPAC and the participants for contributing their work for exhibition online.

On the 26 September ACP will run an Insta-Tour with Markus Andersen at Bondi Beach, as well as another round of ACP’s Phone-agraphs to celebrate CPAC’s 21st Birthday on the 17, 24, 31 October 2015. For more information visit




Image credits left to right: 

Image 1 & 2: Courtesy and © Amanda Hitchens, 2015.

Image 3 & 4: Courtesy and © Anna Tierney, 2015.

Image 5 & 6: Courtesy and © Janice Cameron, 2015.

Image 7 & 8: Courtesy and © Gayle Organ, 2015.