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To coincide with her first Australian exhibition, Iran (held at ACP, 11 Apr - 7 Jun 2015), visiting Iranian artist Gohar Dashti joined a panel of Australian-based photographers and filmmakers, who share Persian heritage. In this discussion, we hear about contemporary image-making in and outside of Iran, touching on issues including exoticism, gender and the other.
This panel took place on 3rd May 2015.
Hoda Afshar – Winner of the 2015 National Photographic Portrait Prize, Hoda Afshar is a visual artist and is currently a lecturer at Photography Studies College in Melbourne. She is also a PhD candidate at the department of Art at Curtin University since 2010. Hoda finished a Bachelor degree in Fine Art – Photography at Azad University of Art and Architecture in Tehran and started her career as a documentary photographer for several years.

Ramak Bamzar – Ramak Bamzar is a Melbourne-based artist and photographer, currently exhibiting as part of Head On Photo Festival. Ramak's work explores strong narratives using a blend of landscape photography, illustration and portraiture of women.

Gohar Dashti – ACP exhibited artist, Gohar Dashti received her MA in Photography from the Fine Art University of Tehran in 2005. Working in Tehran, with photography and video, she has developed a practice concerning social issues with particular references to history and culture in modern society.

Amin Palangi – Amin Palangi is an Iranian filmmaker based in Australia. He has been making fictional and documentary films in Afghanistan, Iran and Australia. His debut feature documentary Love Marriage in Kabul received the Audience Award for Best Documentary at the Sydney Film Festival and Canberra Film Festival, the official selection of Melbourne film festival and a finalist for the Walkley Awards in 2014 for excellence in journalism.