ACP supports NAVA in their Fair Pay for Artists Campaign

ACP pays artist fees to support economic equality.    

The Australian Centre for Photography (ACP) pays artist fees, makes superannuation payments to its artists and the large number of professional photographic tutors working within our exhibition and workshop program.  We are committed to safeguarding and strengthening the arts and culture sector for the benefit of the artists and the communities and audiences they serve.     

Why is it, in an industry that contributes more than $86 billion annually (ABS 2014) to the national economy, that artists are often the last and lowest paid participants?  The non-payment of artists undermines the very ecology that supports our industry. The ACP believes that paying artists makes good cultural, business and economic sense and is an investment in the sustainable future of the sector.    

The ACP recognises the time, expense and creative impulse that supports our exhibition and workshop program by photographic and photo-media practitioners.  We support the development of national policy and guidance to lead the sector, artist fees as a non-negotiable part of funding agreements and continued research into the contribution of the arts to the Australian economy and community development. 

The ACP believes in supporting our artists, our photographers and the sector though the payment of artist fees.    

More information on the NAVA Campaign here: