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Artist Profile: Michael Jang

The Heavy Collective

We speak to Michael Jang about his work, keeping vital and how not to end up in a show called “Snooze Fest”.

“At the time, did you feel you had something remarkable with series like “Meet the Jang’s” or “College”. I read somewhere that you like an image to age like a fine wine. What is it do you think, that makes an image powerful when it’s ripped out of its original time and place?

I’ve never ever felt that anything I’ve done was going to be remarkable. Since it’s hard for an artist in any medium to go into the future for inspiration, going to the past is the easier option. People can study something that interests them from before and incorporate whatever is useful into what they are currently doing. Walker Evans never really knocked me out but I’ve studied him more than anyone”. For more on Michael Jang as well as other interviews, book reviews and articles visit www.theheavycollective.com




Images: Top two images in detail.

Courtesy and © Michael Jang, 2014.