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Photo of the Week: Martin Parr

Photo of the Week - 19.12.14
By Lola Pinder


Parr's work confronts us with uncompromising depictions of humanity. Breaking with the trend of the clean family-album photos of beach life, Parr brings sly humor, the grotesque and a touch of the absurd to the banal. There is both an acerbic criticism and a fond engagement in this image, of a scene most familiar to many in summer-time.

I thought this appropriate as Christmas is nearly upon us and the hot Sydney summer draws urban beach crowds…..

Martin Parr is a member of Magnum.


Image: © Martin Parr/Magnum Photos, GB, England. New Brighton. From 'The Last Resort'. 1983085. Source: http://www.jeudepaume.org/index.php?page=article&idArt=2062