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Photo of the Week: Laurent Chéhère

Photo of the Week - 20.02.15
By Belinda Hungerford


Houses in Motion: The spellbinding ‘Flying Houses’ of Laurent Chéhère     

Laurent Chehere's photograph Caravan from the series Flying Houses.

Award winning French photographer, Laurent Chéhère beautifully lifts the viewer into the stratosphere with these mesmerizing works of photo manipulation from his “Flying Houses” series. The simple images that include clotheslines, neon signs, graffiti, power lines and intimate internal scenes are slightly unsettling with these normally grounded structures pulled free from their moorings.


Image: © Laurent Chéhère, Caravan, 2014 from the series Flying Houses. © Laurent Chéhère

Source http://laurentchehere.com/laurentchehere.com/www.laurentchehere.com.html