By Lola Pinder


Jas Shennan is a tutor in editing and post-production at Metro Screen. He has 40 years experience in editing and producing for television including Masterchef, Top Gear Australia, Secret Millionaire, Location Location Location, Border Security, Chopper Rescue, Missing Persons and The Biggest Loser.

Shennan studied at the London Film School, under film legends Mike Leigh and Ken Loach. He then went on to work on the original voyeur-style reality show The Family (1974). This show was produced by Paul Water who later came to Australia to produce Australia’s first every reality TV show Sylvania Waters, which began in the early nineties.

Shennan was one of the first in Australia to own an Avid Media Composer system and was a pioneer of non-linear editing. This style of editing allows for selective access to specific video frames in digital footage, rather than previous linear, long form systems of videotape and film. This revolutionized the speed at which editing could be achieved, and the selection of clips in large quantities of footage accessible and fast. Shennan used this system for specialising in editing for reality and lifestyle, commercial, corporate and documentary work. Shennan’s editing career has followed the rapid pace of contemporary television viewing while still creating entertaining and meaningful stories.  

Sheenan has also released two independent skydiving films, one of his past-times, including the early Australian free fall films Walk on Air, for which he employed ex-military 16mm gun cameras.

He remains the director of Avid Media Productions and Avid Editing Pty Limited, well-known production and post-production house in Sydney.

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