Final Photostart for 2014

Thank-you for such a wonderful turn-out at the Term 3 Photostart exhibition! The exhibition opened Thursday 30 October to a crowd of over 200 people and the weekend saw a steady stream of people through our galleries despite the heat!

As always we love seeing student work on our walls and were thrilled with the strong submissions this term. Congratulations to all the prize winners and thanks to all of you who were able to attend!


First Prize: Tracy Phillips

Second Prize: Jamal Taylor

Third Prize: Marie Claire Dean

Highly Commended: Sarah Ducker

Staff Pick: Francoise Holtzmacher




Image 1: Photostart. © Benjamin Stone-Herbert, 2014. 

Image 2: Photostart winner Tracy Phillips with her child and winning image. © Benjamin Stone-Herbert, 2014.

Image 3: Guests upstairs in The Social Gallery checking out exhibition Bain Marie. © Benjamin Stone-Herbert, 2014.

Image 4: Photostart. © Benjamin Stone-Herbert, 2014.

Image 5: © Tracy Philips, 2014.

Image 6: © Francoise Holtzmacher, 2014. 

Image 7: © Jamal Taylor, 2014.

Image 8: © Marie C Dean, 2014.

Image 9: © Sarah Ducker, 2014.