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Photo of the Week: Eve Arnold

Photo of the Week - 17.07.15
By Lola Pinder

Magnum Photographer Eve Arnold is most famous for capturing the personal in compassionate imagery of Hollywood’s rich and famous, including Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor. Arnold brings that same intimacy to portraits of strangers in her photo series covering throughout the Soviet Union. As Robert Capa once explained her work “falls metaphorically between Marlene Dietrich's legs and the bitter lives of migratory potato pickers."

The emotional disengagement and vulnerability of each of the characters in 'Divorce in Moscow' is palpable.  The chasm between the two central figure is captured absolutely through light and gesture. Meanwhile, in the background of such suffering life continues in the background of the stark room, a man reads the paper, another a book, women gossip. This one furtive black and white image captures an emotional story in a moment, capturing the tender and the bleak.


Image: © Eve Arnold/Magnum Photos. Divorce in Moscow, USSR, 1966

Source:  https://www.magnumphotos.com/C.aspx?VP3=SearchResult&ALID=29YL53Z97979