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Photo of the Week: Égoïste #17

Photo of the Week - 23.01.15


This photo of the week is much more than a photograph. It is a cover of a magazine. One of the most intriguing and inspiring magazine one can be given to read, touch and look at. Égoïste.

Today, issue # 17 has been released, after three years and three months of preparation. Yes.

‘We don’t finish the magazine on Tuesdays, we finish it when it is beautiful’ often says Nicole Wisniak, who created the magazine 37 years ago, in November 1977. That's right, 17 issues in 37 years. Nicole is the unconventional maestro of a magazine whose magnificent quality has featured the works of the greatest writers and photographers such as Richard Avedon, Guy Bourdin or Helmut Newton. 

French newspaper Le Monde described the new issue: divided in two volumes, 256 pages and 2.3 kg. The pages are not stapled but folded to avoid the beautifully printed photographs to be damaged. One must imagine Nicole at the printing lab for 20 days, looking again and again at every single page. To make sure that the black are black, the magazine is printed in one single colour - only black, challenging the most recent techniques of printing in quadrichromy.

Madness, slowness and distinction. Yes, Égoïste is a niche magazine but we should be grateful that some people are devoting their eccentric passion to defying time and creating excellence.

Paolo Roversi has photographed Iranian actress Golshifteh Farahani nude for the cover of volume II, transgressive and unsettling, and for volume I, a simply stunning portrait of Australian icon Cate Blanchett.

If you had one thing to do on Australia Day, well, that could be it – get a copy of Égoïste #17 (it is already a collector) and slowly enjoy distinction.




selected by Claire Monneraye


  1. Image: © Cover of Volume I and Volume II, Égoïste Magazine #17. Photographs by Paolo Roversi