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By Lola Pinder


Devris Hasan is an experienced cinematographer, camera operator and editor. He tutors in Editing, Production and Documentary filmmaking at Metro Screen, he has also lectured at NIDA and TAFE. Hasan has worked across Australia in film television, advertising and online content. He is well-known for his work as cinematographer on the Channel 7 series Trapped, shot in Broome, in 2008.

 Hasan’s work has explored the potential of storytelling through multi-format digital media and its possibilities in teaching, particularly in remote areas. He led the Central Coast OnScreen workshop in 2013, a Metro Screen and ABC project, that looked to present short, two-minute documentaries on the region. These were screened online through ABC Open, a community participation project that publishes and screens short stories created by regional Australians. 

 Hasan further explored the modern blending of personal life and digital technology in the enthralling short Entanglement Theory, in which he worked as the Live Action Cinematographer. The film mixes the physical and the virtual, depicting real-time dance and online animated Second-Life avatar in choreographed performances. The two male leads, the dancer and his avatar, examine the relationship between the real and the virtual through movement. The short demonstrates the possibilities of working with second-life animation and the innovation of emerging technical tools available to filmmakers. 

Hasan completed an Advanced Diploma in Film and Television from TAFE WA in 2001 and a Masters in Cinematography in 2006 through the Australian Film, Television and Radio School. He has worked with Granada ITV Studios and Southern Star as well as Tourism Australia.

This post is part of the Art Month event Creative Paddington taking place on March 7th in conjunction with Metro Screen and UNSW Art & Design.