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Darkroom Social looking for new members

Darkroom Social is essentially a time and space for photographers and printers to make, share and discuss their work.

Access to a communal darkroom in Sydney is limited and creating your own darkroom can be a challenge for those who live in a small flat with little space to spare (basically everyone who lives in Sydney). Apart from the issues of access, printing in the darkroom is often such a solitary activity and it is easy for a practitioner to fall into comfortable habits or be in need of advice from peers. Darkroom Social provides a platform where a printer can engage with like-minded individuals and who hopefully inspire one another.

Darkroom Social started in 2015 with the intention to work towards an annual exhibition. Originally meeting once a month at the ACP darkroom in Paddington and now fortnightly at the new location at the National Art School’s darkroom, the collective is made up of a wide range of people with diverse interests. From street photographers to camera-less photographers, from pinhole negs to large-format films, the diversity of practice was evident in our two group exhibitions at ACP in 2015 and GAFFA Gallery in 2016.

I think the success of the collective is represented by the friendly and informal environment created, a place where everyone can feel comfortable in sharing their work and ideas.

We are now in our second round for 2017 and looking for new members. We hope to work towards a group show that will feature new works developed in this creative space.

Koji Makino
Darkroom Social member

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To be part of Darkroom Social or enquire about our Darkroom courses please email workshop@acp.org.au or click here

Image courtesy and © Koji Makino, from the series Great Reefs, 2015.