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In August and October 2015, the Australian Centre for Photography (ACP) and Casula Powerhouse Art Centre (CPAC) teamed up to run three exciting new workshops at Casula and Liverpool. Exploring architecture and space ACP’s Phone-agraphs workshops highlight the creative possibilities of mobile phone photography. Led by experienced Street Photographer and avid Instagrammer Markus Andersen (@markusxandersen) the workshops ran over three Saturdays and focused on the use of repetition, composition and space in photographs to encourage participants to see the extraordinary in the everyday. Participants embraced this challenge using lines, reflection and framing to produce a series of captivating photographs that offer viewers a new perspective on their local area. A small selection of the work created during these workshops can be found in this video and all images uploaded to Instagram throughout the workshops can be found #cpacphoneagraphs. For more information on ACP’s courses and workshops click here.