Photo of the Week: Blake Little

Photo of the Week - 26.02.15

This photograph is sure to stick with you. Chandra pulls herself from off the floor, bearing the weight of her own body and the substance used to preserve it.  

Blake Little's exhibition and publication Preservation is a startling and curious discussion on photography's ability to document and preserve its subjects. By drenching his subjects in honey Little suggests both the distortion and amplification of the human form, highlighting the image manipulation and misrepresentation sometimes created in camera or through post-production. The use of the same sticky, unforgiving substance on all his subjects, whilst suffocating, democratises their individual traits giving the subject sculptural qualities that reference Bronze Age sculptures from ancient civilisations such as Greece and Rome. These references again refer to Little's themes of preservation and the use of photography in archaeology and for documentation.

Preservation opens March 7 at Kopeikin Gallery, Los Angeles. 


Image: © Blake Little, Chandra, reclining, 2014 from the series Preservation. © Blake Little