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Photo of the Week: Bill Cunningham

Photo of the Week - 17.04.15

As Mercedes Benz Fashion Week has been taking over Sydney I thought it fitting that this week's photo be fashion focused. Bill Cunningham instantly sprang to mind as his photographs and column 'On the Street' for the New York Times showcases the creative flair and style of those pounding the pavement, over the decadence displayed on the catwalk.

After watching documentary film Bill Cunningham New York it is hard not to fall in love with this respected and prolific fashion photographer. Bill has been photographing for the Times since the early 70s and has created an enormous amount of photographs, documenting 'street style' throughout the decades.

Bill confesses in an article for the New York Times, 'I'm not a good photographer. To be perfectly honest, I'm too shy. Not aggressive enough. Well, I'm not aggressive at all. I just loved to see wonderfully dressed women, and I still do. That's all there is to it'. However I would argue his modesty, dedication and passion for his subject are the traits of a great photographer and something worth aspiring to!

I Heart Bill Cunningham.


Image: Bill Cunningham's On the Street 8 March 2015, New York Times.

Source: http://graphics8.nytimes.com/images/2015/03/08/fashion/08STREET/08STREET-popup.jpg