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Photo of the Week: Bettina Rheims

Photo of the Week - 04.03.16

by Claire Monneraye

While we will soon celebrate International Women’s Day, our photo of the week highlights the work of French photographer Bettina Rheims. A fashion and celebrity photographer, Rheims has never stopped subverting and transgressing the representational codes of beauty and femininity. Her portraits are often intimidating and disturbing and yet always poignant. Since the 1980s, she has abolished the conventions of photographic portraiture to reveal the deepest intimacy of her subjects, whether anonymous or famous. In the series Modern Lovers (1989-1990), she focused on the ambivalence and elusiveness of her young models, questioning androgyny and transsexuality.


Image: Bettina Rheims, Aïssata, from the series Modern Lovers, 1989. Courtesy and © the artist.