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Australian Photobook Publishers

On Saturday 16 September we teamed up with Kinokuniya and experienced photo-editor Rachel Knepfer to deliver a special introductory workshop on the power of the edit. This, coupled with the launch of our latest issue of Photofile, Critical Offshore Posts, still fresh in our minds we thought we would take a quick look at Australian publishers committed to presenting and supporting photography. Whether you are photographer looking to have your work published or a consumer ready to devour the latest in photography, this list is a great place to get you started.



A mix of online and print publishing the collective is an Australian platform dedicated to contemporary photography, here in Aus, and overseas. Their annual publication Heavy Volume holds a bevy of imagery and essays from key figures in contemporary photography.

The team take submissions for their online platform, including reviews, photos and articles. Who knows where that may lead.




Working across photography, art, architecture and design, Perimeter Editions has produced photobooks from artists such as Eliza Hutchison, Zoë Croggon, Daniel Boyd, Polly Borland and the list goes on. Based in Melbourne, Perimeter Editions launched in 2012 and is the publishing imprint of much loved book-sellers Perimeter Books. 



M. 33

Based in Melbourne, this independent publishing house has been providing photography lovers access to photography since 1993. Active in the delivery of events and exhibitions, their list of artists is endless. Whilst we can't list them Jane Burton's It Is Midnight, Dr.__ and Drew Pettifer's Some Want Quietly are just two of the gems in their collection.




One of the major international players in the publishing of illustrated books, their Australian branch has produced photobooks that range from the glossy coffee table book to substantial catalogues of some of Australia's most notable photographers including Lux et Nox from contemporary artists Bill Henson.

Based in Port Melbourne their team are actively seeking new submissions according to the website.




Dedicated to photography, T & G Publishing work collaboratively with photographers to faithfully present their artists' vision. Titles include collections such as WAR:°SOUTH featuring established documentary photographers Tim Page, David Dare Parker, Ben Bohane, Stephen Dupont, Jack Picone, Michael Coyne and Ashley Gilbertson, and personal projects from Louise Whelan, Paul Blackmore and Markus Anderson.




Momento Pro's quality on-demand book printing service have been responsible for producing a range of photobooks from emerging artists to professional photographers since 2002. This Australian self-publishing service have worked with a number of Australia's finest photographers including Raphaella Rosella, Leila Jeffreys, Lee Grant and Stephen Dupont.




The ACP's photographic magazine Photofile returned in 2017 after a short hiatus and recently launched Issue #99, Critical Offshore Posts. Photofile has been at the centre of photographic discourse in Australia since its publication in the early 1980s, and continues to have a vital role to play in the promotion and discussion of contemporary photography from Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. 

Photofile employs all that is excellent in writing, editing and production and is a reference point for an international readership, with up-to-date content on current practices, ideas and technology.

Pick up an annual subscription so you don't miss a thing!




This is in no way a comprehensive list and we would love to hear about more Australian publishers supporting photography. Send your insights to info@acp.org.au